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Variations on Rochester Plates

If you're from Rochester you know what a big deal the G-Plate is (I'm not going to spell it out because I've been told that the term is copyrighted and I don't want to get in trouble!) and if you're not, then let me tell's a big deal. It may sound weird, but if Jim Gaffigan and one of the largest cities in New York State are fans, then it's worth a try.

Here is the basic idea.

  1. Pick your bases - macaroni salad, home fries, French fries, tater tots, whatever you want.

  2. Pick your protein - hamburger, hot dog, cheeseburger

  3. Put your protein on top of the base and top with hot sauce.

  4. Add your toppings - onions, ketchup, yellow mustard, and relish.

Meat(less) Hot Sauce for Plates

Here are some variations to this Rochester classic is you're looking to switch things up.

  • Use a protein-rich pasta for your mac salad if you're looking to add more protein or if you need a gluten free option that holds up well. Check out my easy recipe here.

  • Interested in adding more veggies? Consider swapping a potato base for a veggie mimic, such as zucchini fries or broccoli tots. Or you could mix vegetables into your burger, such as mushrooms. Research has shown that mushrooms have a similar texture to a burger when mixed in, and have "umami" which is the savory taste that is found in proteins.

  • If you are making plates and have vegans or vegetarians you can always implement meat substitutes for your protein, and vegan mayo in your mac salad (if that's your base).

  • Looking to watch your sodium intake? Consider swapping canned meat sauce for a homemade plant-based option. Click here for my recipe.

Any other ideas you have? Let me know! In the mean time, enjoy your plate. - Jen

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