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Speak Now and Eat Now (Jen's Version)

I can see you wanting to celebrate the release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version), and I've got some great snack ideas for you to add to your table! I want to be transparent - I'm not a die hard Swiftie, so I had to lean on some good friends of mine to help me compile this list (shout out to Cassie!) to ensure that not only did I get the aesthetic of the newest Taylor album, but I also got the feel of the new album. Wikipedia had the following to say about this album:

Inspired by her growth into adulthood, she conceived Speak Now as a loose concept album about the things she wanted to tell certain people she had met but never had a chance to. As with her songwriting on previous albums, Swift strove to convey emotional honesty with details as specifically as possible, believing it is important for a songwriter to do so. She described her songs as "diary entries" about her emotions that helped her navigate adulthood.

The recent release of "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" brings back emotional honesty, and also adds the opportunity to re-evaluate feelings. My Swiftie friends therefore told me that the snacks served in honor of this album need to be crunchy to reflect the idea of saying important things, and also salty and sweet, because both of the happiness and sadness that are omnipresent throughout all of the original songs PLUS the vault songs added.

Here's what we crafted for you:

  • Wegman's Black Bean Tortilla Chips - Yes, I know, they're technically black, not purple, however they still align with the album cover, provide a satisfying crunch AND go well with dip. My girl Cassie also shared that there is a sense of comfort in this album too, even though a lot of the songs convey hurt, so what a perfect combo for a chip.

  • Dove Dark Chocolate - Bittersweet. Enough said, right? Also - purple wrapper.

  • Camembert with preserves - Not only does this combo mix salty and sweet, but it also gives you a chance to add an accent to your table. Do you want a "T" for Taylor? A "T" in honor of TayTay (cough Taylor Lautner)? A cat to honor Taylor's two felines Olivia and Meredith? Or do you want to follow my lead and add a simple heart? Simply cut through the rind of the cheese and add the preserves of your choice. I'd recommend blackberry.

  • Purple produce - I'm a big fan of incorporating produce where possible and this is a great option. While I couldn't find purple produce when putting this list together, purple carrots area also available and add a good variety to your table.

  • Beet Hummus - Adding beets to your hummus gives it a beautiful pink color, which, while awesome, I wanted to be more purple. So here's my secret, follow THIS RECIPE and simply add a handful of blueberries prior to blending. You may need to salt it a bit more to cut the sweetness, but it adds a beautiful richness to the color.

Hope you enjoyed this list, and who knows, maybe you'll see some more releases in the future. (Or there might even be some hints on this page, Taylor style. Enjoy sleuthing Swifties!)

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