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Holiday Meals & Feels

Before stepping out into private practice I used to dream of the projects I'd have more time/flexibility to work on. This year not only allowed me to jump into doing the work I love full-time but also crossing an item off of my work bucket list - collaborating with one of my best friends in the entire world on a course! Heather Yassick, MS, LMHC, RYT-200 is a unicorn personified and it really was a lot of fun being able to collaborate and combine our areas of expertise. I've put the highlights of what you'll get out of this labor of love below. For real though - we spent hours on this for you and wanted to provide it at a super reasonable price to provide access to this information. As a bonus to you because you clicked on this link, you're getting a behind the scenes sneak peek at the photo shoot that Heather insisted we do as well as some of the information provided in the course.

If you've ever wondered why you experience intense emotions or stress related to food and eating, you are not alone! Heather joins me, (RDN Jen) to help you with the following:

  • Identify and handle potential triggers related to holiday gatherings & food

  • Explain how and why your physiology and psychology are prompting certain behaviors (in a 100% understandable and relatable way)

  • Provide you with the tools and strategies to feel confident as fudge this holiday season

Here’s what you get with this online training:

  • 4 hours content from two experienced clinicians

  • 4 Detailed PowerPoint slides with all the information you need explained in a way you actually understand

  • 7 guided meditations

  • 3 journaling prompt/planning activities

  • 24 months of access to these materials

Retail Value: $499

Except we're offering it for $50 because we're so passionate about getting this material into your hands!

Top Five Tips for a Positive Food Experience this Holiday!

Here are some of my top tips for having a positive experience with food this holiday season. Shhhh don't tell Heather I shared this with you!! Want more? Scroll back up and sign up for the course!

1. Put things on a plate! - Visual cues will help you connect with what you’re eating

2. Lean into your senses as you’re able (sight, smell, taste) - Not only is it a way to connect with food, it’s one of those mindfulness activities

3. Limit distractions as possible - Distractions can...well...distract you from knowing if you’re hungry/full or even enjoying what you’re eating

4. “Time” yourself - Not actually timing yourself, but pacing yourself, i.e. trying to slow down if you’re a fast eater

5. Alcohol - Disconnects you from interoceptive awareness (or inaccurately shifts this). Eat before drinking and decide what you want your alcohol experience to be!

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