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Ways to Connect Without Food

Food is an amazing way to connect with others. Whether it's grabbing lunch with a friend, planning a dinner date, or just grabbing coffee with a coworker, a lot of connecting activities center around food. But for those who are in recovery constantly having food be present at connecting activities may be too challenging. I asked my Instagram followers what they like to do for fun that doesn't involve food, and they delivered! Below are activities that don't involve food, let me know what your favorite is in the comments below!

Paint something that's meaningful to you. Shout out to Cassie who did this for me!


  • Watching TV/a movie

  • Go to the movies

  • Read a book

  • Listen to music

  • Learn to play an instrument

  • Write a book or short story

  • Join a book club

  • Do a painting

  • Work on sketching/drawing

  • See a musical

  • Audition for a show

  • Join a music group


  • Go to a museum

  • Research something that interests you

  • Go to the planetarium

  • Go to the zoo

  • Go to the aquarium

  • Take a class in something that interests you

  • Learn a new skill (i.e. a language)

  • Join a conversation group for a second language

Combining time with Abbott with a Bills game


  • Do some float therapy

  • Get a manicure or pedicure

  • Do some meditation

  • Get a massage

  • Do a vision board

  • Do some journaling

  • Schedule a spa day

  • Sit outside in the sun

  • Spent time with animals

  • Spend quality time with yourself (this submission was a bit spicier...interpret however you want!)

Get Outside

  • Learn how to garden

  • Go for a walk/hike

  • Walk through an outdoor festival/craft fair

  • Go to a sporting event

  • Visit a botanical garden

  • Plan a star-gazing night

  • Pick a destination and go sight-seeing

  • Do some bird watching

  • Go fishing

  • Go golfing (mini golfing is also an option)

Painting with colleagues at The Workshop in Rochester

Stay Inside

  • Do some coloring

  • Knit/crochet something

  • Plan a tie dye day

  • Do some cross-stitching

  • Make some candles

  • Go to a pottery studio and make something

  • Learn how to sew/embroider

  • Create a macrame project

  • Scrapbook

  • Start a collection

If there are any others that I can add to this list feel free to let me know in the comments! I look forward to hearing how this goes and hope this list helps you connect with those around you. - Jen

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