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My Favorite Ways to Save Your Produce

If you're like me then you enjoy adding new and different produce to your meals. At the same time maybe you're wondering how to best use it before it goes bad. Below are five of my favorite tips for using produce or keeping it fresh.

  • Leave it - Don't wash it or cut it until you're ready to use it. This opens your produce up to getting fuzzy or browning earlier than you want.

  • Freeze it - If you feel like you won't get to it in time wash it and then freeze it to use later.

  • Bring it back to life - if veggies aren't as crisp as they once were, like celery, put them in water and give them a second life. I recommend adding a pinch of salt.

  • Add it - If your produce is starting to go a bit bad, add it to something you're already having. If you are having pizza, add some more toppings. Freeze fruit and then add it to ice cream later.

  • Flavor with them - If you accidentally froze the cucumbers by putting them too close to the back of the fridge, you can use them for water flavor. Put them in the freezer and then use them as ice cubes.

  • Add some lemon or lime - Fruit like apples or avocados (yes they're botanically a fruit!) can brown when exposed to oxygen. Using lemon or lime with them prevents browning.

  • Submerge in water - Place guacamole in an airtight container, put plastic over it, and then cover with water. This should also prevent browning!

Let me know what other things you've tried to extend the life of your foods.!

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