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Shift To A Body Accepting & Recovery Positive Instagram!

Just like we learned from the example of those around us when we were younger, we're learning from what's around us now. Ask yourself - does your Instagram feed reflect with what you want? Would you be cool with your kids learning from your feed?

I often get asked how to overhaul a social media feed and shift the algorithm toward recovery, body acceptance, and positive energy. First and foremost unfollow accounts that are triggering or don't serve you. Then, follow accounts that align with your values and what you're wanting to foster in your life.

Not sure what accounts to follow? Of COURSE I have some recommendations for you! If you look back at the post about my recommended books/podcasts HERE, those authors and podcasters would be accounts to look up. But if you’re looking for even more accounts to follow, check out my current Instagram recommendations and why I like them*. Also feel free to let me know if you have any others that you'd recommend!

Some of My Favorite Instagram Accounts Right Now

  • EDforRDS – I have known Shawna for several years and she is one of my favorite dietitians out there. Her content is super positive and also helps hold providers accountable (myself included) to remember how scary recovery can be and the important role that we as providers are trusted with.

  • yourdietitianBFF – Clara is hilarious. Her handle basically says it all. I would add that some of the stuff she posts is more dietitian oriented (i.e. when she talks about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) but I do like that it shows you how not all dietitians agree with 100% of what the Academy presents.

  • dietitiananna – Anna is such a compassionate human and has years of experience helping people through their recovery journey. I appreciate how open she is around her experience with accessibility and the push she gives those who follow her to continue learning and growing.

  • happystronghealthy.rd – Jenna used to be in diet culture and has since shifted, even changing the name of her account. She’s pretty honest about her journey and also about how diet culture can infiltrate the world of exercise/movement. She also has some pretty easy recipe recommendations.

  • yogaforeatingdisorders – Jennifer is an incredibly kind soul. She's super knowledgeable about yoga and how it can positively impact someone’s recovery journey. She also has an online community that offers free yoga practices and support calls.

  • positiveforcemovement – Local in Rochester NY, it’s fitness for any BODY and a gym centered on fat liberation and creating an inclusive space.

  • with_this_body – Maria is a down to Earth therapist who shares a lot of great recovery focused content in a relatable way. She's shared her experience with how frustrating the internet can be at times. Plus you get to see her sweet dance moves.

  • ownitbabe – Rini shares lots of body positivity, home décor, and her really cute baby that gets featured a lot in reels. How can you go wrong?

  • sofiehagendk – Sofie is a comedian from Denmark who identifies as a “fat liberationist.” She is able to address challenging issues with sincerity and, of course, with humor. I really don't know what else to say except that she just “gets it.”

  • mattmcgory – Matt was on the show “How to Get Away with Murder.” He was great on the show, but since following his account, I’m even more impressed with his real life activism. He is able to express both himself and the issues in a very relatable way. I also appreciate how he doesn't just say "here's an issue that needs to change" rather he gives you some action steps around what you can do.

  • celestebarber – Have you ever watched modeling or influencers make these incredibly weird and not realistic videos and wondered what it would look like if a real person did it without a budget? You don’t have to wonder anymore! Celeste is an Australian comedian who parodies these videos and also exemplifies how what influencers do isn't always real life. Plus you’ll laugh. Like a lot.

  • nikkiglaser – If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I LOVE Nikki Glaser. She’s funny, sex positive, and also can also call out Hollywood for the way that women’s bodies are scrutinized. See her with makeup, see her without makeup, follow her for videos of her dogs or see her belt out Taylor Swift Songs.

*I will say that I cannot guarantee that all of these accounts will be 100% trigger free, however I do think that the benefit gained from following them overshadows the potential triggers.

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