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While not common practice for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, clinical supervision is the gold standard for counselors and therapists. Essentially, clinical supervision entails working with a nutrition mentor you admire to help you develop and grow in your work. I’ve benefited immensely from clinical supervision and I hope that it becomes more regularly implemented for RDNs in order to provide the highest level of care to those we serve.

The purpose of clinical supervision is: to enhance your professional growth, confidence, and clinical skill as well as to ensure the best possible care and improved outcomes for your clients

The beauty of clinical supervision it’s flexible to your life. The frequency and content is totally up to you!


Topics of conversation include: guidance on stuck points and questions with your clinical cases, working through difficult team dynamics, development of areas where you feel you are lacking, developing your media presence, and the intersection of eating disorders and other areas of practice.

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