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5 Accounts to Follow if You're Over Diet-y Bullsh*t in the Exercise Industry

I love movement. It's a great way to connect with the body, explore power/strength/endurance, and honor what the human body is capable of. I hate that movement has been co-opted by diet culture into a way that often leads to feeling inadequate - because your body won't change, because you missed a Monday, or because you're not a professional athlete. I've heard from so many people that they feel frustrated with fitness because there's an aesthetic presented by trainers and/or influencers that is not achievable. If you're looking to diversify the way that you approach your movement or just want to see some healthy approaches to fitness (by this I mean attainable, flexible, and realistically implementable) then here are five accounts to follow on Instagram to give your feed the adjustment it needs. All of these accounts do not promote weight loss, do not promote dieting, and, in my humble opinion, kick butt.

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