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Last Minute Halloween Treats (that are allergy friendly)

If you missed my segment on 13WHAM yesterday, don't worry! Below are the quick and allergy friendly treats that I presented (and how I put them together).

Spooky Tortilla Chips & Salsa - Use a cookie cutter of your favorite holiday shapes (or free hand it like I did) to cut tortillas into chips. Put in an air fryer for two minutes at 400F. Add salsa (I just grabbed some from Wegmans). Done!

Mini Pumpkins - Draw faces on clementines to have cute little "pumpkins" that add some produce into your Halloween spread. Learn from my mistake and don't use a Sharpie as my Sharpies got destroyed - I'd recommend a paint marker instead.

Eyeball Eggs - Hard boil some eggs. Crack them without shelling them. Then let them soak in water with vinegar and either blue or purple food coloring. The longer you leave them in the more vibrant they'll be, but I only left mine in for about an hour and they came out pretty well.

Graveyard Pudding - I used Bon Devil chocolate ganache and added a Glutino cookie (a gluten free version of Oreo cookies). I then added a little grave marker I had drawn. Feel free to add some gummy worms or other candies dependent on what your needs are.

Other Additions - Skittles are gluten free and dairy free and vegan, so they're a good candy to have on hand for all people. Enjoy Life products are allergy friendly and they also have a line of seasonal treats.

Happy eating and Happy Halloween!

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